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Tree Doctors Still Make House Calls!

Turn to the experienced and knowledgeable arborist at The 5th Season Inc for exceptional tree care services. From spring injection to deep root fertilizer, you can turn to us for your tree care needs. We have licensed aborists that use only high-quality tree care products for better results.
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Complete Tree Care Solutions

  • Deep root feeding for trees, bushes, and ornamental plants
  • Fungisol for Dutch elm, cankers, and wilts
  • Spray for cedar apple rust
  • Spray for pine tip moth
  • Dormant spray to suffocate the 1st generation
  • Spray for control of Diplodia tip blight
  • Spray for pine needle scale
  • Spray spruce and cedar trees for tip and needle blight
  • Spray trees for aphids, Japanese beetles, and bagworms
  • Inject cottonwood trees for the cottonwood borer
  • Inject hackberry trees for lace bugs
  • Inject locust tree to control mites and mimosa webworm
  • Inject birch trees for bronze birch borer
  • Inject elm trees to control pests such as elm leaf beetle
  • Inject trees for iron chlorosis
  • Inject lilac bushes for lilac borer
  • Sprays for bugs
Did you know that emerald ash borer for ash trees has been coming through Nebraska for the last couple of years. Let us inject your trees for this borer before it's too late. For more information, get in touch with us today.

We do provide some limited tree work to Fremont, Blair, Columbus areas only. Please call us today!
For tree care and deep root feeding, call us today at 402-727-4455.

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